Katsina Ala

It’s a town in Benue state, Nigeria. The LGA (Local Government Area) where the town is located also bears the same name.

Katsina Ala, often shortened as K-Ala or Kachina is the third largest town, after Gboko and Makurdi, in Ayatutu (the Tiv area of Benue state).

Offices at COE, K-Ala [1]
It started as a river port, a trading town in the pre-colonial western trade with Europeans where sesame and soyabeans reigned.

The town is located by the side of River Katsina Ala at a point where the river meanders.

It also serves as an administrative town for that part of the state.

Katsina Ala is historically prominent for being the LGA where Christianity came into Tivland and the whole of Benue state.

South African Dutch missionaries arrived a village in the area called Sai and began missionary activities there.

Akiga Sai, an indigene of Katsina Ala LGA is the first Tiv to write ABC, the first Tiv to be baptised, and the first Tiv pastor.

Administrative divisons of Katsina Ala LGA

K-Ala LGA comprises both K-Ala town and some nearby rural communities altogether making up 12 council wards.

List of Katsina Ala council wards

1. Township,
2. Michihe,
3. Mbacher,
4. Utange,
5. Mbatyula/Mbelev,
6. Mbayaongo,
7. Mbajir,
8. Yooyo,
9. Ikyurav Tiev I,
10. Ikyurav Tiev II,
11. Tiir,
12. Iwar.

More on Katsina Ala council wards:

This comprises all the areas of K-Ala metropolis. The town has many areas which include:
a. Central
b. Gboraya,
c. Takum junction,
d. Across,
e. NKST Sec Sch area,
among others.

The People of the town: The people considered indigenes here incldue: Shitile, Ikyurav Tiev I, Etulo and Hausa. Others, considered as settlers, include: Igbo, Yoruba, Idoma …

Distribution of people in council wards, other than Township.
Besides the Township council ward, the other wards are occupied primarily inhabited by three Tiv clans as follows:

Shitile: 8 wards.

(Michihe, Mbacher, Utange, Mbatyula/Mbelev, Mbayaongo, Mbajir, Yooyo)

More on Shitile

The clan, Shitile, comprises: Kpav and Gaambe. Gaambe subdivides into: Gaambe Ya and Gaambe Tiev. Part of Shitile is in Logo LGA. Logo was formerly in K-Ala.

Ikyurav Tiev: 2 wards.
(Ikyurav Tiev I, Ikyurav Tiev II)

Tongov: 2 wards.
(Tiir, Iwar)

This council ward is close to K-Ala town and has several places that include:
Abaji (the capital town of the ward).
Abaji is the third largest town in Katsina Ala LGA after Katsina Ala town and Tor Donga.
-Sati Agirigi.

Towns & villages include:
-Harga (A prominent Christian missions place with a Theological Seminary).

Towns & villages include:
-Tor Donga (Capital),

Towns & villages include:
-Agu (Capital)

Towns & villages include:
Gbise (Capital)

Towns & villages include:

Sai (the startig place of Christianity in Benue state)

Towns & villages include:
-Yooyo (Capital)
The council ward and its capital town Yooyo are named after River Yooyo, a water body in the area.

Ikyurav Tiev I
It’s located on the East bank of River Katsina Ala.
Towns & villages include:

Ikyurav Tiev II
It’s located on the West bank of River Katsina Ala.
Towns & villages include:
-Joo Mbatyough (Capital)

Towns & villages include:
-Tyogbenda Udende

Towns & villages include:


Katsina Ala has large number of people who are members of NKST, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal and other churches.

It’s serves as home to a Catholic Dioscese, the Katsina Ala Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

NKST too has large churches in the town as well some are: NKST Katsina Ala Central, NKST Kpanenege …


COE K-Ala [1]
The town has College of Education, COE, K-Ala. The institution offers NCE and degree programmes.

More on this is on coekatsinaala.edu.ng

There are other tertiary schools especially health technology institutions.

Secondary schools include the oldest school in the town called GCK (Government College Katsina Ala), Divine Love Secondary School (a Roman Catholic owned girls only school).

Also on the list are Kings College, Mercy & Joy, among others.

Market, Commerce

Thurday of every week is Katsina Ala’s market day called Tomanyiin, although trading activities go on in the town everyday the Tomanyiin market is a special day that farmers bring groundnuts, yams and other farm produce for sale.


Those on top of the list include:
JJ Kampala,
Kalm Beach,
among others.

Prominent persons

The LGA has produced famous persons like:
2. Akume Atongo,
3. Liuetnant General Victor Malu (a fromer Nigerian Chief of Army Staff)
4. Fezanga Wombo (Ter Katisna Ala, the LGA’s paramount traditional chief),
5. Abu King Shuluwa (a higher class traditional chief, formerly a full-time politician).

And several others.

[1], [2] – COE K-Ala