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Convafresh   Convafresh


Name :

Etymology: CONVersAtions FRESH

Domain :

Description :
Location and topic based information.

How it works :
Convafresh enables you to view or make conversations on a choice location or topic for knowledge, interaction or more.

Corporate statement :
To enable people to create and use, with responsibility, valuable information.

Slogan :
Convafresh – Conversation for advancement.


You may always scroll down to our main navigation interface at the footer (the end of a page) to access search bar, a link to the homepage among other things.

Convafresh arranges information , inter alia, on locations so you may move along available locations to view and make conversations.

You may navigate from ‘international’ to ‘country’, ‘state’, ‘town’, ‘street’, ‘village’ or any available area.

On some of those locations you can discuss as concerns the location generally or narrow down to a topic of your choice.


It’s interesting to use Convafresh to know what is happening on your street, village, part of the town, the whole town, any immediate area, a state or country provided the location exists on Convafresh.
While on Convafresh you may open a location’s page of your choice and view or make discusions on anything appropriate or narrow down by opening a topic’s page (on a location that has on it topics).


A topic focuses on the location under which it falls. The topic ‘Shops’ on the location ‘Manhanttan, New York’, dwells on the shopping information there while ‘Shops’ on the location’s page ‘Los Angeles, California’ concentrates on shopping in Los Angeles.

Some topics are:

Shops : buy, sell, prices…

Events : birthday, wedding, conference, meeting, seminar, workshop, exam, holiday…

Schools : primary, secondary, tertiary, training services, study, learn, research…

Gospel : evangelism, churches, interdenominational christian ministries…

Healthcare : hospitals, pharmacies…

Foods : restaurants, cooked and raw food items, diet details…

Professionals : technicians, farmers, tutors, architects, drivers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, masons, messengers…

Transport : taxis, buses, trucks, aircraft…

Accommodation : hotels, resorts, rooms for rent…

Banks : financial institutions (commercials banks…), savings and thrift organisations…

Sports : football, basketball, tennis, golf…

Others : unclassified stuff.

Start conversation

To start a conversation you need to navigate to a location or topic that you want.

Create account

To create a Convafesh account do touch here or move to the bottom of the page and choose: ‘Options’ > ‘Create account’.