NKST Church



Nongu u Kristu u i Seer u sha Tar, NKST (or Universal Reformed Church of Christ, URCC) is a Bible strict church with a huge following, especially, in Benue state, Nigeria.

It has “Ter Ngu Van” (The Lord is Coming) as its motto.

NKST is “…passionate about leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ” Pastor Shir asserts. [Pastor E.M. Shir, NKST General Secretary, as at 2018]

NKST started
17 April 1911 in Sai, Benue, Nigeria.

Tiv Bible, other Christian books …

Gospel, worship, praises, education, healthcare …

1 million +

500 +

4000 +

Health facilities
300 +

Primary schools
500 +

Secondary schools
50 +

Tertiary schools
4 +

Sunday service. Other services on Tuesday, Wednesday …

Women fellowship (Mzough u Kase), girls fellowship (Mkombo u Onkasev), choir (Atsam), Boys Brigade (BB), Girls Brigade (GB), sunday school (Makeranta u Iyange i Memem – MIM) …

Lamp & Word Books, Mkar, Makurdi; Reformed Theological Seminary, Mkar; Reformed Bible College, Harga; University of Mkar, Mkar; School of Nursing, Mkar; School of Health Technology, Mkar; Mkar Christian Hospital, Mkar…

Mkar, Benue

NKST is a gospel strict, doctrine strict evangelical church. Members usually have a sound knowlege of the Bible. It’s very popular and influential in Benue. It also exists in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Jos and several other cities, towns and villages.

NKST head office in Mkar, Benue, Nigeria
NKST choir singing praises for Christ in Makurdi

It has ties with some churches in US, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada…