It’s a farming community with a largely uninterrupted natural habitat and great potentials for tourism.
A rural, farming community in Obi LGA of Benue state, Nigeria.

The place and environs is inhabited by Igede people.

Close to it is a fast growing town called Itakpa. Itakpa is located along Otukpo – Obarike road.

Orifa has large expanse of land that covers several kilometres with little or no permanent residents.

It has farm stores or farm houses located remotely in the bush.

The people usually live in neighbouring Itakpa. From Itapka they proceed to Orifa for farming activities and retreat back later in the day.

While Itakpa is a bustling urban area, Orifa is reserved for full time farming activities.

It’s beautiful and strikingly great. A rare breed, a distinguished area. The atmosphere is cool, peaceful and natural.

The land is a fertile plain with a stream, a lot of short, small trees and tall grasses.

While at Orifa it’s not strange to see animals in their natural habitat undisturbed. Birds roam the environment freely. In certain parts of the place the only inhabitants you may come across are birds sitting on trees.

Some areas have been fallowed, left unattended, for many years, Such areas get overgrown with trees and grasses. Farmers who want to cultivate those places have to first take time to deforest and clear bushes.

The people usually farm cassava, and in some instances, yam. Large scale cassava farmers have to use wheelbarrows and vehicles to move harvest to Itakpa where they often process it into garri.

Orifa is a cassava spinner but there is more to it: It’s has been left unnoticed that it’s also a great tourist area.

With Orifa as a tourist destination you would be happy you took a break from the noise, congestion & restlessness in cities and enjoy a serene, peaceful environment in it’s natural state.