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Welcome to Convafresh


By visiting this website or using any of our products or services you thereby agree with our policies. By policies we include terms, conditions, privacy, disclaimers, rights, responsibilities, and so forth.

You may not use Convafresh if:
(a) You do not agree with our policies, which are updated from time to time.
(b) Or you read but do not understand the policies.

No gaurantee

Although we do the much we can to make sure Convafresh runs well, we have no gaurantee or assurance that it will work well or they’ll be no problem. In case of any problem, damage, inconvenience, loss, etc we have no liability even if you earlier gave notice of the possibility of such outcome.


Convafresh and third parties may set and access cookies, IP address, browser type and version, OS type and version, location, etc from user’s device. The information we collect from users is meant to, among other things, help in adverts and in delivery and improvement of our products and services

Since we are bond by government laws we may, upon official request, share users’ information with governments or their law enforcement agents to help prevent, investigate or curtail illegal or suspected activities, etc.

When you access third party products, services, urls, etc from Convafresh be reminded that they have their own policies and activities different from ours. Convafresh has neither responsibility nor gaurantee for the content or activities of other websites, apps, or services.

Deactivation of accounts

An account may be deactivited or deleted without notice or explanation. This may arise as a result of, but not limited to, a user’s misconduct or a perceived security breach on the account.

In case of misconduct the posting of inappropriate content (like falsehood, misleading words, bad ideas, pornography, blasphemy, sacrilageous content, abusive words,etc) makes an account liable for deactivation.

Editing, altering of content

Convafresh may edit, censor, decorate, increase, decrease or alter part or whole of your content to meet standards, style, taste, regulations, etc.

Deleting of content

Convafresh may delete any content in whole or in part. Such action may become necessary, among other reasons, if the content is considered inappropriate (the appropriateness of content is unilaterally defined and redefined by Convafresh), or if it violates copyright, intellectual property, patent, local or international laws, etc.


Someone who is 18 years and above (or has reached the age of adulthood as defined by relevant local laws) can register by themselves. However someone who is below 18 (or not an adult) can only register with the permission of their parent or gaurdian.


You take responsibility for your content and activities on Convafresh.

We agree that you’ll use Convafresh only if you’ll strictly abide by our policies, and shall not violate or infringe on our own or anyone’s copyright or intellectual property rights, and shall not use malicious, foul, or abusive words on anyone or any entity as well as have a lawfull conduct in general.

You’ll not post inappropriate content, that includes but not limited to: Falsehood, misleading words, bad ideas, pornography, blasphemy, sacrilageous content, abusive words, etc.

You’ll not engage in (or support) any activity that can (or is likely to) cause any damage, problem, or inconvenience to Convafresh such as malicious code, denial of service attack, identity theft, etc.

You’ll not use Convafresh to do anything that is unlawful or against our policies.


You may view, contribute, and share content on Convafresh in line with our policies.


We serve adverts on Convafresh. When payment is made for an advert we make efforts to see to it that the advert works well but we cannot gaurantee that it will work well. Furthermore, we’re not responsible for how users may prefer or ignore an advert.


It is our desire to offer great value for the money you pay to us. All the same, the money you pay is non-refundable even if the service paid for has been delayed, stopped, cancelled, or not offered to your satisfaction.

Also, Convafresh is not responsible for wrong payments or false agents being contacted.


Take notice that the content on Convafresh – being it text, image, etc – is in several instances user created. And a user or anyone that posts on Convafresh is responsible for the content that comes from them.

Downloading, installation, saving, sharing, copying, pasting

Convafresh does not gaurantee any content being it text, image, audio, video, etc. Any downloading, installation, saving, etc of content is done at the user’s risk.


The content we have on Convafresh has varying degrees of quality and accuracy, and we do not claim that what you get from us will meet your need, will be error free, safe, or satisfactory.

How to report intellectual property infringement

If you’re convinced that a content on Convafresh infringes or violates intellectual property rights of yourself or someone you’re acting on their behalf then you can reach us so as to solve the problem.

Take notice that you need to provide us with:

(a) Your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

(b) A declaration, under penalty of perjury, made by you, that the work in question has actually been infringed, as provided by the law, and that you’ve the authority, directly or by delegatiuon, to demand for a takedown.

(c) A description of the work.

(d) Where the work may be located on Convafresh (give preferably a url).

You can reach us for notice of claim of intellectual property infringement through:

Email: info@convafresh.com

Thanks for choosing Convafresh.