Values makes & takes care of your website, app & other internet resources for free

It enables you to get, as much as possible, the benefits of internet for yourself, your people or things of your interests
Total cost of websites & apps for those with domain & hosting: FREE

Total cost of website & app for those without domain & hosting:

Domain & hosting, first year: N20,542

(Domain & hosting, renewal: N57,078 annually.)

Development: Over N120,000

With Convafresh Values you’ll save over N120,000 on development costs.

Website or app architecture, frontend, backend, maintenance, security, performance & everything coding is free.

For certain websites and apps your domain and hosting just like development are all provided to you at no cost.

With all these you’re still in control.

Money back guarantee
If for any reason you wish to pull out at anytime the money you paid to us for domain & hosting in the previous 12 months will be refunded to you in full.

More information
Should you need more information please call or SMS 07019441439 or email

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