WHY THE CLAMOUR FOR iPHONE X. More people line up to pay over $1100 (over 400000 naira) to buy one iPhone X, the latest and most popular phone. See how iPhone has made Apple to become the richest company in the world

iPhone is a high-end smarthphone from Apple Inc, Cupertino, California, US.

It is used by many presidents, heads of states, ministers, senators, billionaires, students and many more who admire it and can also afford it.

Apple’s shares rose 3% on Friday, 1 June 2018 hitting a record high and giving the world’s most valuable publicly traded company a market capitalization of about $890 billion, close to a trillion.

Analysts suggest Apple could be the first ever company worth $1 trillion.

Apple was once a great computer company second only to Microsft but it had it rough sometime ago and the company ebbed dramatically.

However its product called iPhone alone has revamped the company’s fortunes tremendously.

The iphone is an innovative high end, high quality phone but it’s also expensive especially for the budget class.

Now why is it so expensive, and why do people like to get every new brand, the cost notwithstanding.

There are some reasons:

Pioneer entry, popularity

It came early Into the smartphone market and managed to get the trust and admiration of many through quality and innovation


The iPhone is secure to a large extent. Hackers get tough time trying to crack the code. So your information, transactions, calls, SMS, browsing can hardly be retrieved by someone else without your consent.

Apple does not, or at least, hardly use iPhone users information for ads or third party stuff.
“We use your IP address … This information is discarded at the end of your session or in accordance with your browser settings.” [APPLE | apple.com/today]

apple, iphone

iPhone gives high performance with the A11 Bionic chip. A powerful and smart chip. It has a neural engine that can do up to 600 billion operations per second.

Queue for Apple product

People queue up for Apple product. Beijing, China. | CNN |

Older iPhones had metal case. With the new iPhone X, the smartphone goes glass, and the glass is a tough, durable one.

According to Apple it is the “…most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back.”

Video calls
Users do make video calls over Wi‑Fi or cellular using an Apple app called FaceTime.

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Wireless charging

iPhone X battery can be charged using a wireless charger (charging mat)

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Long lasting battery

Talk time (wireless): Up to 21 hours

Internet use: Up to 12 hours

Video playback (wireless): Up to 13 hours

Audio playback (wireless): Up to 60 hours

Fast-charge capable: Up to 50% charge 30 minutes

Interesting apps
iPhone has some cool apps like Apple Pay where you can pay friends in Messages. Another app is Siri, the personal assistant app

iphone apps

Water resistance

The phone is comparatively sleek, plush and elegant

Fashion, trend

It has become a fashion for some people. for some others it is even a status symbol to show that your great, such is sometimes found in less developed countries